Phyllis Filiberti Butler
Author / Journalist / Editor

Phyllis Butler as Editor
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 The Worthy Ones The Worthy Ones
Poet Charlie Russell's epic novel
Edited by Phyllis Butler

Miracles of Mind. Edited by Phyllis Butler

Miracles of Mind Exploring Nonlocal Consciousness and Spiritueigal Healing
by Russel Targ and Jane Katra, Ph.D.
Edited by Phyllis Butler

The Heart of the Mind. Edited by Phyllis Butler

The Heart of the Mind
How to Experience God Without Belief
by Russel Targ and Jane Katra, Ph.D.
Edited by Phyllis Butler

20-20 Vision. Edited by Phyllis Butler 20-20 Vision
In Celebration of the Peninsula Hills

by Wallace Stegner
Edited by Phyllis Butler


Phyllis Filiberti Butler graduated from UCBerkeley, and got her Masters at SFState University.

She has been a section editor, feature writer and columnist for the

  • Los Angeles Times
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • San Jose Mercury News
  • Palo Alto Times
  • San Francisco Magazine
  • Yes Please (Milano)
  • Wanted in Rome
and other international publications.


Butler was Executive Editor of Celestial Arts’ Les Femmes Books and worked with Wallace Stegner as Editor of 20-20 Vision. She also was Feature Editor for Toni May’s Les Gals Magazine.

She created and hosted the Writers Forums for Palo Alto’s Centennial Celebration. In 2002 & 2003 she has been speaking at libraries and bookstores about her most recent book The Valley of Santa Clara - A Guide to the Heart of Silicon Valley.


Most recently she has edited:
  • Poet Charlie Russell’s The Worthy Ones

And Russell Targ books on Science and Consciousness:
  • Miracles Of Mind New World Library (1998)
  • Heart Of The Mind New World Library (1999)
  • Limitless Mind New World Library (2003)


Butler has traveled extensively, and lived in Italy, writing on the Arts—music, painting, opera, architecture, as well as politics, travel and popular culture.
She is the author of books on place, historical time and biography, as well as the arts:
  • The Valley of Santa Clara Bay Research Press 2002.
  • Old Santa Clara Valley Wide World.
  • 20-20 Vision (Editor; Wallace Stegner Text) Green Foothills Fdn.
  • A Woman’s Guide to San Francisco Hearst.
  • Everywoman’s Guide to Politics Celestial Arts.

At present Butler teaches Creative Writing and works as a free-lance writer and editor on the San Francisco Peninsula.


Some Recent Features:

  • "Los Gatos Christmas Getaway" (Travel) San Francisco Chronicle Dec. 2002.
  • "Formentera- Back to the Ancients" (Travel) San Jose Mercury March 30, 2002.
  • "John Steinbeck at 100" 7x7 Magazine March 2002. "New Life for Old
  • "Mayfield"(Peninsula Neighborhood) San Francisco Chronicle.
  • "Stegner Remembered" (PBS film profile) San Jose Mercury News.
  • "Duveneck Legacies" (Art Exhibit) San Jose Mercury News.
  • "The House that Juana Built" (Art/Architecture) San Francisco Chronicle.
  • "Palo Alto’s Architectural Heritage" San Francisco Chronicle.
  • "Breaking The Writer’s Block" Los Angeles Times Arts/Books Section
  • "The Architecture of Fascism" Yes, Please (Milano)
  • "Nettuno - Wartime in Italy" Wanted in Rome (Rome).
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